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A 60+ year-old tradition reborn!

For more than 1/2 a century, thousands of hobbyists, entrepreneurs and full-time business owners depended on Concrete Machinery Company's cast aluminum molds for producing unique decorative and functional concrete items. After a few years' absence, the entire line is once again available.

Southern Standard Molds has purchased CMC, and with it continues the legacy of a family owned and operated company. We believe you'll find the selection, quality and value of our molds to be unparalleled in the industry.

What's HOT?


Popular & Enduring...

Birdbaths are always at the top of the list when it comes to concrete ornamental items. We have an incredible array of molds for all sizes and styles.


Best Sellers...

Flower pots, planters, urns. We've got 'em. More than 70 molds in the CMC inventory are for these types of products.

  Heard the newest "buzz word"? It's "STAYCATION." In this era of high gas prices, it means that more people are staying home rather than traveling. It also means that families want to improve their outside habitats for added enjoyment. What better way than with durable tables and seating? We have the molds!

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